Bellinger House

Who we are

Bellinger was founded in 2003 by designers Malene and Claus Bellinger Diederichsen. They began by creating innovative eyewear rich in color and design. The Bellinger House was built in 2008 which brought everything under one roof – designers, logistics, customer service, administration, marketing, stockroom and the entire Blac production – creating a dynamic and cohesive work environment. The unique Bellinger House building is an aesthetic experience in itself – its open spaces and classic Danish designs are a result of the cooperation between Claus, Malene and two Danish architects: Smærup & Wessmann and Bønnelycke mdd.

In 2013 Entourage of 7 became a part of Bellinger House – not only a strategic decision in positioning Bellinger House within the industry but also the result of a longtime friendship between Malene and Claus Bellinger and Jakob Talbo.

Bellinger House is the corporate company – “the mother ship” behind our 3 brands Bellinger, Blac and Entourage of 7.


We create innovative eyewear with a twist of something unique – eyewear we are proud of. Our designs emerge from the JOY and the PASSION of what we do – it is always personal and always different.

We focus on running a healthy business and creating unique eyewear. It is essential to us that our customers feel that we are driven by the passion and joy of what we do, and that we take great PRIDE in doing it. That we have RESPECT for our customers, our co-workers and for our eyewear. With this in mind we build and work hard to maintain long lasting relationships with our partners.

Each and every member of the team is essential to our business and success. The Bellinger House consists of people that are competent, loyal and positive – that will naturally engage themself in our business and walk the extra step when it is necessary. Our supply channel is characterized by being reliable, flexible, quality-assured and transparent.

Jakob Talbo, Malene Bellinger, Claus Bellinger